Director R & D

Dr. Manish Biyani (Director R & D )

Dear Parents And Prospective Students,

I am pleased to learn of your interest in Biyani Institute of Physical education, an academic organization to nurture the “best values and talents” of yours., As we have seen in the past, human creativities and industrialization accelerated explosively during the 20th century and benefited us in the form of improvements in living standards. However, these caused serious problems as well. For example global environmental problems which are threatening the existence of the earth. In addition, welfare-related problems including the ageing of society are being caused in developed countries like Japan. Further, owing to the academic developments in the 21st century, the amount of knowledge, which exploded more drastically, is not systematically organized, turning it difficult to utilize.

Therefore, it becomes very important to re-organize enormous amount of knowledge through research and development before it is transformed to the young minds and build a ‘sustainable society’. Aiming at “Structuring of Knowledge” based on industry-academia collaborations, Biyani’s takes the initiative in promoting structural reforms of wide academic areas and helping students to define and shape their career and let them know how to use their knowledge to make a difference in their careers and in the world. Biyani’s motto is to foster a vision that makes students aware of their potential impact on a global society and lead India to become a leader in the global knowledge economy.

Please take a few minutes to browse our website and learn more about the many facets and activities running under the roof of Biyani’s. We are giving our today to make your tomorrow.
Best wishes for continued success.


Dr. Manish Biyani
Director(R & D)



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